Find SaaS Talent Globally with Enterploy!

We connect companies across the United States and Europe with some of Poland’s top Tech, Engineering, Marketing, and Operations talent.

  • Enterploy draws on over a decade of recruitment experience in the SaaS sector and knows what talent companies need to thrive.
  • We serve businesses of all sizes, from startups to growing small to medium businesses.

We have proof of this in numbers

  • 250 + Saas roles filled
  • 100 + Saas tech roles filled
Talent Services

We offer a wide range of talent acquisition services

  • Finding Talent

    We use a combination of modern and traditional techniques and our vast network of industry leaders to find talent.

  • Find a Role

    From entry-level opportunities to leadership positions, we help prospective job seekers find their next opportunity.

  • Recruit for a Specific Skill or Industry

    We can recruit talent for a specific industry or skill set, whether you need top engineering talent or a programmer with particular coding skills.

Why Poland?

Unlock the Potential of Poland’s Talent Market

Poland offers a highly regarded talent market, cost competitiveness, and a strong work ethic. With Enterploy we can help you tap into this potential and find the best talent for your company.
  • Talent

    Access a pool of highly skilled professionals who are ready to drive your business forward.

  • Cost

    Leverage Poland’s cost competitiveness to maximize your budget and increase profitability.

About the Founder

Krzysztof Szymko of Enterploy

I’m Kris Szymko, the founder of Enterploy. Poland’s tech scene is bursting with talent, and I’m committed to connecting it to the companies of today that are building tomorrow.
I have over a decade of experience in the tech industry as a recruiter and the Director of T.A. for a British/U.S. scale-up. I know what kinds of talent these companies need to thrive and their challenges.
With Enterploy, you’ll have a recruiter that sends you talent that complements your company culture and continually adds value to your business!

Our Values

We believe in core values and love bringing on people who embody them.

Enterploy is the right place for you if you’re looking to hire talent or work with a company that values your:
  • Sense of urgency and professionalism

  • Attention to detail

  • Roll up your sleeves attitude

  • No B.S. approach

We have proof of this in numbers

  • 10 + Years of experience
  • 20 + Dedicated teams built
  • 50 % Saved on salaries


I would like to recommend Krzysztof for his work in technical recruitment on behalf of AppVerk. He demonstrated a strong understanding of the positions he was tasked with, consistently delivering candidates on time and maintaining effective communication throughout the process.
Paweł Ellerik
COO, AppVerk
Krzysztof is one of the best recruiters I've worked with. He screened and spoke to a very large number of people for roles that we were working on, and came up with some excellent candidates that satisfied demanding criteria. He challenged me when he felt that I'd overlooked someone good, and validated my thoughts post interview. On top of this he has an excellent manner and is a pleasure to work with – I highly recommend him.
Manny Martin-Morrissey
VP of Product, CACI Ltd
I had the opportunity to work with Krzysztof during a period of high growth and company expansion. As we built out new teams and sought out new candidate profiles, he was instrumental in finding, identifying and securing top talent for the business. He was a true partner not only to me, but to the candidates going through the process.
Amyra Rand
Senior VP of Sales, Accurate Background

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